My Body’s Keeper…individualised and specialised nurturing for your “health” and “personal development”.

My Body’s Keeper is an initiative of Jo Herbig
who is a qualified Integrative Health Coach and Post Graduate Family Therapist.
Jo has studied and graduated with the
Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York.

¨Thinking that I was a healthy eater, who kept in good shape, I was blown away by the impact of life events, as well as what we put in and on our body, especially how it can impact on health and well being”.

 “A major health scare in 2015 was the catalyst for a decision to study Integrative Nutrition and learn to be the best keeper of my body, along with helping others to do the same”.

Jo recognises that everyone´s health needs are different and aims to assist clients with their individual needs.

With the assistance of traditional and modern nutrition theories, Jo works with people to assist in any area of their life, from food intake, what to buy and where, food that is best suited to your body and blood type, physical activity, social life, family, spirituality, as well as career, inclusive of work and life balance.

With many years life experience, Jo has a wealth of knowledge and cares about imparting the most appropriate assistance for each individual.

Jo says, ¨knowing the medical model is often designed to fit all, it is crucial that individuals become a proactive expert for their own health¨.

“I guide people in how to enhance their individual wellness,

so they can reach their maximum health potential,

without burnout”


Now also specialising in GUT HEALTH

Gut Health Workshops NOW AVAILABLE…

Cooking demonstrations can also be made available with a highly experienced and

International Award winning Chef!

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Jo is a strong believer that food is your medicine
and lifestyle choices are also crucial.
Jo is pleased to now be able to combine her two worlds of
Health Coaching and Family Therapy.



‘Focus On Children’…offering Family Therapy to individuals, couples and families. 

Mediation and Child Inclusive Practice may also be available to families

who are assessed as being suitable for a family therapy style of mediation!


“Professional” and “life” experience are BOTH crucial attributes

to look for in a Coach or Practitioner…..

always ensure you are in the “right hands”!

Jo has a high level of experience teaching in the area of Adult and Vocational Education as a qualified teacher, trainer and assessor with both TAFE and private training organisations.

Jo retrained and graduated with Social Work Honours in 2002 and went on to complete a Post Graduate qualification in Family Therapy (with Clinical Supervision).  Jo has also studied with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.

For the past 17 years Jo has worked with families in high conflict, the past 10 years as a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Specialist Child Consultant.

Jo also operates ‘Focus On Children’, a private practice which opened in 2004 to offer assistance to people in the areas of Family Separation, Child Inclusive Practice, General Counselling, Couples Counselling, Marriage Education, Grief and Loss and Trauma.  More recently Jo has also trained in the area of Aged Care, inclusive of Elder Mediation and Dementia Risks and Prevention.

Ultimately, these are some of the areas in life that can create stress on the body, sometimes leading to short and long term illness.


For more information about ‘Focus On Children’

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¨Being equipped and qualified in dual areas of health and family therapy means I can offer my clients

the most appropriate balance of unique and personalised assistance,

as well as the most appropriate information and referral for any area of their life¨.




In this growing field of Health Coaching, there are many “Health Coaches” operating who profess to be able to assist with personal aspects of life, such as stress, trauma, grief and loss, to name a few.

Not all Coaches are equipped adequately, or qualified in these areas

to be able to help people in a safe and effective way.



“THE SAME approach DOES NOT suit all, because YOU ARE UNIQUE!”



Other Qualifications

Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education (BAVE) – University of Tasmania
Bachelor of Social Work (with Honours) (BSW) – University of Tasmania
Post Graduate Family Therapy (with Clinical Supervision)
Practicalities of Counselling – Institute of Professional Counsellors

Jo strongly believes that her clients can become

the best keeper of their own body!